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“Do You Want to Start a REAL Business... But Don't Know Where to Begin?”
THIS JUST IN: You CAN Create Your Own "Master Plan" with the Right Steps!
Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

Believe it or not, I wasn't always a business owner. OK, so I did start my first "business" when I was six years old with rocks, a Sharpie® marker, and a little ingenuity... but I was taught like most people that you should probably get a "real job" or have a "fallback plan" just in case what you REALLY wanted to do "didn't work out."

But sometimes running a business HAS to work out. Sometimes it's the only option for you, and you just HAVE to make it work. And sometimes (usually) you can't imagine doing anything else!

BUT you still get stuck... especially when you're just getting started. Things like these stop you in your tracks and keep you from moving forward:

> Whether to be a sole proprietor or LLC... Or S-Corp or C-Corp or 501c3 or...
> How to discover your authentic dream... in the midst of all the options of what you could do.
> What to do first... second... third... the basic steps to go from business idea to full-time income.
> How to ensure your decisions support your dream, goal, theme, and brand.
> How to create a firm business foundation... so a little cash flow crunch doesn't send you off the deep end.
> How much to charge... and how to figure out how much your time is really worth.
> What to do about logos, trademarks... and do you even need that for your idea?
> The various legal issues you'll have to face...
> And... how to hire your first virtual assistant... oh but what about employees?

It's enough to make your head spin.

It's no wonder most people stick to working for "the man" with maybe a little side-hustle instead of pursuing their dreams full-time... It can be a scary thing to dive head-first into entrepreneurship!

I'm a firm believer that with the RIGHT tools, anyone can succeed running their own business... and experience all the freedom and joy it brings!

By Following a Key Formula I've Discovered... the Past 15 YEARS I've Been a Full-Time Entrepreneur.
It's time for you to step into your own entrepreneurial power... And not sacrifice your sanity in the process!

If you're sick and tired of:

> People telling you that you should go get a "real job"...
> Beating yourself up for not being able to stick it out and really "make a go of it"...
> Wishing you would quit making expensive mistakes...
> Confused about all the steps you need to take...
> Stepping on eggshells around the legal issues...
> Doubting if you're cut out to even DO this...

Or you simply want to know how to get past the "Oh! I think I'll just go work for myself!" frustration with that "real job" into the, "Look what I CAN BE!" stage...
Then this Info-Packed, Hands-On, One-Session Training is for YOU!
NOTE: This is NOT a "here's what business to start" course. It's a how to make your ideal business finally happen course!

If you're still struggling with wondering where to start or how to take your next steps, it's time for you to get access to...
  •  The Basics of Concept to Execution It's no secret that I can't help myself when it comes to starting businesses... In fact the day I wrote this sales page I had two meetings with two different people about two MORE new business concepts I may be a part of... In addition to the 15 brands I already manage! Needless to say, from how to discover which concept is right for you to the best steps to execute it, including all the legal stuff, I'm an expert... and I'm putting the essential info you need to know in this training. (Including things like trademarks, copyright, DBAs, legal structures... and more!)
  •  The Firmest of Foundations Every business has the potential to succeed. And every business has the ability to fail. It all comes down to building a firm foundation, from validating your core business idea to executing the marketing. In this training I'm revealing the boiled-down-simple strategy I use to ensure the best possible success for EVERY new business concept I develop!
  • The "Master Plan" of Growth My husband Tony and I have a 30+ page "Master Plan"* for all of our business ideas and concepts. Get a look inside the strategy we use to create our Master Plan and how we decide and test whether a concept is worth pursuing further, shutting down, or leaving for another day so you stop wasting money chasing business concepts and put your time and energy into the best chances for profit! (*Note: Due to security and legal reasons, I cannot share with you our actual Master Plan. But I will be giving you the strategy we use to create it and make it work!)
Grab Your Spot TODAY to Get All this AND MORE...
(You know I love to over deliver.)
Your Special, Limited-Time Offer...
Right Now You Can Access this Exclusive Single-Session Training for an Incredibly Low Investment!
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Your Investment in Your Success TODAY Includes:
  • Ongoing Access to the Training Video
  • BONUS - Printable PDF of the Slides
  • BONUS - Printable PDF of Handouts for Easy Note Taking
  • BONUS - Audio for Listening When You're "On-the-Go" (We know you're busy!)
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I get access?
After you grab your spot a "Welcome" email will come out to you (in about 20 minutes) detailing your access information for the Members.TheCasualEntrepreneurs site where all the details you need to access the training are waiting for you. It's INSTANT access! 
What if I have problems getting my order through?
Our super star Casual Customer Care Team is on call to assist you with any aspect of your order. Please email to get in touch with our support!
How do the bonuses work?
All the bonuses listed above will be in your Members Area. Details on when each bonus will be released are in your Members Area. (Live-taught bonuses cannot be released until after the live training is completed.)
What about after I go through the sessions... can I still ask questions?
Absolutely! This course will entitle you to an exclusive, completely complementary invite to The Casual Entrepreneur Students private Facebook group where your fellow students AND Kristen herself will be available to answer any questions that come up after and while you go through this training.
Is this course included in The Book Ninja Academy membership?
No. This is a completely different brand of products and trainings designed to help you build your business. It is not exclusively about books, authorship and publishing.
Do you have an Academy membership for The Casual Entrepreneur?
No. Right now all the products under The Business Ninja brand will be available only for Lifetime Access, not Subscription Access.
Refund Policy: Due to the Instant and LIFETIME Access you receive to this high value training and accompanying bonus trainings, there are no refunds on this product.
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